Studios for taking passport photos

Perhaps you require more than a passport photo system. Maybe you also need a camera, lighting and even a stool for the customer. Luckily, DPS has configured entire ID-photo studios for you. Important considerations are the available square footage, budget-constraints, ambient lighting, and the photographic skills of the retail-employees.

We distinguish between studios with (continuous) LED light, and those with FLASH lights. LED studios are compact and require limited retail-space. However, LED studios are sensitive to ambient lighting from windows or overhead fixtures. FLASH studios require more space, but provide a constant quality and can successfully be installed at any location.

Furthermore, the photographer may shoot manually or with the camera mounted on tripod or pedestal. The wireless configuration of ID station is ideal for the photographer who shoots manually. However, an USB cable between your camera and the ID station will give you the greatest transfer-speed. It is also the configuration with optimal reliability.

The color of the backdrop is important too. In most European countries a light-gray background is required. But other countries, like the USA, Australia, Canada and also Belgium specify an clear white background.