Option 2 : Complete ID photo studios with flash lighting : Photomatic + Flash

The camera and the tablet-computer are mounted inside a frame. The frame sits on a pedestal. The camera is not operated directly. Rather, making a photo is done via the touch-screen. The screen shows a live view. Each photo is made with identical settings which can not be interfered with by store-employees. We call this the Photomatic mode. Calibration of the camera is performed once during setup. Hence, all settings are stored in the computer. The customer sits on a stool approximately 2 feet in front of the backdrop. The background is light-gray, for the Netherlands and some other countries. For countries that require a very light background (USA, Canada, Belgium) it is best to use our LED-lighted backdrop. To the left and the right, external flash lights are mounted on tripods. These may also be mounted on the wall or hang down from the ceiling. The flash-lighting is controlled via a radio-transmission or a cable built into the frame and pedestal. The printer is in close proximity (a few metres) to the pedestal. Optionally, the printer can be positioned more remotely (in the shop-counter for example) with a USB extension-cord.

A professional setup for perfect passport and ID photos even where the staff is not knowledgeable about photography.

Area minimum 4 m2
Backdrop LED background or light-gray backdrop
Background color light-gray to almost white depending on country requirements
Camera Canon EOS 1100d with standard lens in frame with tablet
Camera connection USB cable to tablet. Photomatic mode.
Lighting Two external flashlights. Control via radio or cable.
Pedestal Combo solo pole or ID station pedestal
System ID station or ID station Pro
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